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touch the ladybug to locate the crack The objective of the game is to fix the cracks that you created by completing all the challenge game levels.  To complete a game level, you have to slide all the electrical components, except the 8-Bug and resistors (obstacles), back into the hole where they belong.

To start a game, you need to tap your screen (or touch the ladybug) to locate the crack/hole. 

game level 1 To slide a component, you only need to rotate and tilt your device (cell phone/tablet).  When a component comes out from the hole for the first time, it has an electrical charge to move around for 100 seconds.  To score, each component has to be back into the hole before it runs out of its energy.  You can get it recharged up to 120 seconds by passing it through a battery.

When coming out of the hole, a component will go through a 3-second transition from an energy-like state to a solid state before you could slide it.  A component could resurface after 12 seconds since the last time it fell back into the hole.
Settings Game Selections Game Page Challenge Game Scores High Scores
Switching pages from Settings to Game Selections, to Game, and to High Score can simply be done by swiping the screen.  If you get lost, just use the Back button to go back to the game page.

Replay Prev   Replay Prev Use the menu Replay Prev to improve your scores by replaying the previous game level, or resume your game when it was already over.

Custom Game Settings   Custom Game You could create your owned custom game by selecting which components, bug(s), and resistors you want to use.  And, you could define your owned game rules.  
This custom game settings allows you to create variety of games that can be played solo or with friends.

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